Fridolin – Kids magic theatre

(Performed anywhere, also in a semi-circle)

Hokus Pokus Autobus

Calindo appears in front of the children under his first name, Fridolin, accompanied by Fuxi the fox. Fuxi brings with him cheeky sayings that young and old will laugh at. He tells them ‘Yes, yes Fridolin cleans his teeth with Sigolin”, he continues to say that he cleans his teeth with white chocolate and despite this, he only has holes in his socks.
If Fuxi is asked to sing something, he will quickly propose ‘Fox you have lost your tail’ and receives great laughter from the children. Fridolin performs magic tricks to spare his belly, constantly drawing the children in. The children must help Fridolin – sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly – by saying the magic spell or by blowing magic air towards the stage. Fridolin teaches the classes of children the words to a magic song. Before the performance, Fridolin welcomes the children with his Swiss accordion. He encourages them to hum and sing along, to make them comfortable in his company and to get to know them.