Wild Hilde

(Performed anywhere, also in a semi-circle)

Men are like matchsticks – as soon as they catch fire they lose their heads!

Hildegard, whom prefers to be called Hilde, is an older lady who has not given up the search for her dream man, despite many setbacks. Her laughter is infectious and helps her forget her bad experiences. She also gets rid of her frustrations with cutting remarks about men folk. In her younger years she was crazy about Chubby Checker (‘Lets Twist Again’) and hoped for a career as a singer and dancer. Her breakthrough never came, but through her job as a secretary for a talent agency she was always connected to the world of show business. In addition she worked as an analyst and life therapist for a celebrity magazine. Hilde likes to flirt with men, using any means necessary to get their sympathy. Maybe this way, she still has a chance to catch a famous personality and to become famous herself.

Now that she is of pension age, she coordinates Calindo’s performances.