Freddy Lime

(Performed anywhere, also in a semi-circle)

Are you happy?

Born in the USA, this bright 12 year old can outwit and embarrass his foster father, Calindo. Freddy doesn’t hold back with what he wants to say from his stomach or his mouth. He is proud of his American origin. For many years he travelled and performed with the ventriloquist, Vito Avanti, in the United States. They tried to make it in Las Vegas but without success. So when Vito Avanti became sick he gave Freddy up for adoption.

Freddy has the deepest desire to become a real boy, made of flesh and blood. Above all he loves Swiss chocolate. In the tree nursery, Freddy listens to the trees and hopes to hear the language of his ancestors. He hates corny ventriloquist’s jokes, so he tries other things, like mind reading or other forms of entertainment.

He wants to be able to speak his own mind and for his master to have a stomach ache.