De arte ventris loquendi -
The art of being a ventriloquist

Calindo’s evening program is designed specifically for small theatres. In addition to entertainment, it provides more information on ventriloquism. In the first part of the 90minute show a Powerpoint presentation provides an insight into the evolution and history of ventriloquism. So you can learn that there were ventriloquists in ancient times that called themselves stomach prophets and predicted the future. It is from the practice of necromancy that ventriloquism finds its origin. Only much later did ventriloquism change to a pure form of entertainment. In the second half, viewers experience the modern form of ventriloquism.

Michelangelo (Vatikan)
The Oracle of Delphi- a female ventriloquist?
The female priest Pythia offered prophecies for those seeking advice. Was she a clever ventriloquist or were the voices produced by other people from behind a wall?