Talk is silver - Ventriloquism is gold

At seven years old, Calindo saw the magician and ventriloquist Louis Marino at a community church evening. The very next day he rushed into the library and looked for books on magic and ventriloquism. There were some books on magic, but he did not find books on ventriloquism. Fortunately the librarian found the book ‘How to become a ventriloquist’ by Edgar Bergen from 1937 at a secondhand book shop. She gave it to the eager to learn boy and helped him in translating the book. Under the stage name Fidoell Kalindo he gave his first performance to his classmates.

Calindo was joyful when he first attended the yearly ventriloquist convention in Fort Mitchell, USA. Ventriloquists from all over the world meet at this convention. They improve their talent in workshops and development seminars. The evening galas with international performers are all great highlights. In 1987 Calindo was on stage for the first time and met Freddy Lime at the same occasion. To date, they are an inseparable pair.